OWASP Night 20th

Wed, 09 Mar 2016 19:00 - 21:00

Rakuten Crimson House


中村めぐみ かんぱぱ Carlos Andrés Ramírez Cataño Hiroyuki Yamashita 島田秋雄 細野英朋 Zhao Qin Takeo  Ikegami 菅野 哲 (Satoru Kanno) miya Hiroshi Matsumoto tarappe Tadashi Tsumura Akihiro Motoki 菅原 俊 umekichinano + 101 more participants

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Spring has come, my tears are not because of hay fever tonight

We are planning to have a regular meeting, OWASP Night 20th at open:6:30pm start:7:00pm, on March 9th at FUTAKOTAMAGAWA.

OWASP Meeting/Night – The OWASP Japan Local Chapter Meeting (OWASP Night will be at night) is held in the form of seminars and lightning talks. It’s an opportunity for people interested in web security to get together and exchange information and opinions in a casual and fun environment. There are no requirements in terms of skills, profession, nationality, gender or age. Anyone interested in web security is free to participate.

As for the topics of this meeting will be available on OWASP Japan page.

Please take a look at OWASP Japan wiki page to join the OWASP membership and our mailing lists.

Rakuten Crimson House
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