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WASNight 2017 Summer = WASForum x OWASP Night

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 19:00 - 22:00

Super Deluxe (Roppongi)


菅野 哲 (Satoru Kanno) kanata おかゆう 水戸部 一貴 さぼなわんこ 加藤 雅広 Ikuya Fukumoto 柴雑種 shonantoka あい さま かんぱぱ 菅原 俊 kazuki amano kthrtty Mao Takayama 志賀正規 + 134 more participants
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Want to enjoy some beer after the OBON-week summer vacation?
Join us at WASNight!

In 2011, WASForum helped support OWASP Japan to host its inaugural first chapter meeting. Since then, WASForum has gone on to preside over “Hardening Project”, a unique and the most cutting edge security competition in Japan, and has continued to collaborate with OWASP Japan to successfully facilitate security-related professionals and enterprises within the community.

WASNight venue will be open from 6:30 PM and will start at 7:00 PM.

In the middle of Tokyo’s record-breaking heat, come and cool down by enjoying a wide array of engaging talks on security and management.

  • Finger food sponsor: Hardening Project

Contents: (this candidate list is just "as is")
- Hardening Project Talk - Hardening Project Committee and supporters
- "Lessons Learned from Hacked Team"

and some more great speech!

Presented by
If you want to have a talk, please let Rio know!

  1. WASForum Hardening Session http://wasforum.jp Hardening Fes will be held on Nov 23-25 in Awaji Island.

presented by: OWASP Japan and WASForum Hardening Project

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